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City Scene Barrie is a news and views forum for and about the community. It couldn’t be that without your input. We not only seek your feedback, we need it to help us understand the mood of the community.

Wade into the issues and features you find on this site. Contribute your insight and be part of the dialogue. Largely, that’s what City Scene Barrie is: a community dialogue.

As an independent, locally-owned and operated online source of news and views, we have no other agenda than producing content that’s of use to the community. That content includes your views – indeed, it’s a key strategic focus of City Scene Barrie.

Use City Scene Barrie as a forum, a town hall, to engage the community. We will not censor comment based on personal bias, but we will follow time-honoured and proven ‘rules’ of the trade – that trade being journalism. Opinion is welcome, as is insight, humour, perspective, and mere banter. But we will not allow unfair and unsubstantiated comments on individuals or groups.

To add credibility to comments, and for reasons of civility, community standards and legality, we are asking people to link their names to the views. We may, upon request and at the editor’s discretion, withhold publication of a name, but we require contact information to verify authorship. If that’s OK with you, simply follow the prompts in the ‘comments’ window at the end of each story. No personal information, phone number or email address, will be published.