Wilkins’ police roundup

Thursday night lights out?

Action on the gridiron took a back seat Thursday to the antics of a pair of teenage fans who tried a substance of some sort, and couldn’t hold it.
Barrie Police followed up on reports of a 15-year-old girl passed out at one high-school game, requiring an ambulance and being shuttled off to RVH. Police met with her parents and turned her over to them at the hospital.
Another girl, 16, was spotted, somewhat the worse for wear at another game. Police took her into custody and dropped her off at her parents’ place.

Arrest in Steeltown

A woman up on drug charges here in Barrie was spotted by police in Hamilton shortly before midnight Thursday. Barrie cops journeyed to Steeltown and picked up the 32-year-old for failing to show up for her court date.
She was brought back here and held for a bail hearing.

Run over downtown

Barrie Police looked into a mishap from Thursday morning that had traffic tied up in the downtown core. It seems that a man had been hit by a car just up from the bus depot at Maple and Dunlop Streets.
Fortunately, he wasn’t hurt badly, but was taken to RVH for the once-over.

by Glenn Wilkins

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