Wilkins’ police roundup

Didn’t keep his nose clean

A local man is in a bit of hot water for being a titch indiscreet early Thursday. Police say he was in his car outside a strip club, where officers spotted him doing lines of cocaine.
He, it was reported, had evidently not used all of his stash just yet, and police found more of the drug still on him. The 24-year-old man will be in court soon, charges with possession.

Car crashes Tim’s

Some jagged nerves late Wednesday outside the Dunlop Street Tim Horton’s. Police, fire and ambulance crews were soon on the scene after learning that a car had travelled through the restaurant’s front window.
They had to maneuver the driver, a 29-year-old Innisfil woman, out of the vehicle, after her foot had apparently slipped off the brake and accidentally hit the gas. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and no one was charged.

In a heckuva fix

A man already in trouble with the law may have pushed his luck a mite too far the other day.
Store security at the south-end Wal-Mart noticed someone trying to steal CDs Tuesday. In trying to get away with his newfound booty, the suspect reportedly ran over a store employee’s foot, and hit a parked car en route out of the parking lot.
The 31-year-old man was tracked down to his house and arrested, and charged with theft, dangerous driving and driving while disqualified. The latter charge stemmed from an alleged drunk driving incident for which his licence was suspended. His car was seized for 45 days.

Landlord vs. tenant

A dispute between a landlord and his tenant reached its kindling point Tuesday.
It seems the landlord was miffed over problems at his property, including those involving drugs, and vented his anger by locking the tenant out. This didn’t sit well with the renter, who, reportedly, climbed in through the window and threatened to kill the landlord.
A 39-year-old man faces a number of charges, including breach of probation and uttering threats. He was held pending a bail hearing.

Armed with scissors

An 18-year-old Caledon man faces robbery charges, after a set-to with his ex-girlfriend.
Police went to a city abode where the woman was robbed by a man armed with scissors. He apparently needed cash for his next drug fix, and, reportedly, pushed her to the floor and dangled the scissors in front of her when she refused to pay him.
Police caught up with him the next day and charged him. He was held for a bail hearing.

911 is for emergencies

Barrie Police wish to remind folks that the 911 line is for emergencies only!
Officers are issuing the plea for common sense after fielding more than 30 calls between 7 a.m. Wednesday and 1 a.m. Thursday, calls that proved to be false.
This misuse ties up those who field the calls, dispatchers and the officers. So please, only use 911 for emergencies.

Compiled by Glenn Wilkins

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