Wilkins’ police roundup

Missing senior safe

A huge sigh of relief Tuesday night for the family of an elderly woman who’d forgotten where she was.
Officers went to the area around Essa and Harvie Roads after hearing reports the missing woman, suffering from dementia, may have been around there. They established a perimeter and, soon after, with the help of the police dog known as Bullet, found her about a kilometre away from a townhouse complex.
She’s in good health and was returned to her loved ones.

Bar fight broken up

Testosterone and alcohol led once again to fisticuffs in the downtown core overnight Wednesday.
Foot patrol officers had to break up a dust-up in front of a bar at Dunlop and Memorial Square. Apparently, there was one patron being kicked out of the pub after starting the fight, challenging all comers to duke it out. The cops took the challenge and arrested him for assault and causing a disturbance.
However, because blood is thicker than water, the man’s brother interfered and started to make trouble. He, too, was arrested for his efforts. Both were held till sober.

He oughta be in pictures

A suspected credit-card thief may have been undone by his vanity the other day. Barrie foot patrol officers brought the 37-year-old man in for theft under $5,000 and use of the pilfered plastic. Officers showed him a video of the alleged crime, and he cracked that he looked good on video. He’ll be back in court next month.

by Glenn Wilkins

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