Wilkins’ police roundup

Arrest in stabbing

Toronto Police helped out their Barrie brethren Monday in bringing into custody a man in connection with a stabbing in Barrie over the weekend.
The alleged incident took place on Dunlop Street West Sunday morning just after 3:00. A 22-year-old man was wounded after an altercation in the dwelling, initially taken to RVH, then to Toronto’s Sunnybrook with serious injuries.
The suspect then fled town, but was picked up in T.O. and hit with a variety of charges, including aggravated assault. He will be facing a bail hearing soon.

To support his habit

Conscience got the better of a local man, who called police Monday to tell them he was turning himself in after lifting a big screen from his landlord.
Only moments later, police heard from the landlord who reported the tube was missing. It was soon after that that the alleged thief was picked up and released with a court date.
It turns out the man had traded the T.V. for drugs.

Domestic Dispute

A woman is apparently okay physically, though shaken up emotionally, after a bit of a fracas with an ex-boyfriend.
Police say she’d stopped by the man’s apartment Monday night. He got ticked about something, assaulted her and broke her cellphone, it is alleged.
She was able to get away and call the cops, who made sure she was safe before arresting the ex-, who was charged with assault and held pending a bail hearing.

Please don’t drink and drive!

Police had yet another impaired driver to deal with in the wee hours of Tuesday. This time, it was in the area of Anne and Centre Streets, where the car was seen traveling erratically.
Officers pulled over a 23-year-old man, took him to headquarters, where he gave a breath sample double the legal limit of alcohol.
He was charged with impaired driving and held till he sobered up.

– by Glenn Wilkins

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