Two wheels no match for four

A cyclist found that when bicycle meets car, four wheels are hardier than two. The lesson also left the cyclist injured and facing several charges.
At around 6 p.m. Saturday emergency crews responded to an accident at the intersection of Wellington Street and Sunnidale Road. Arriving on the scene, police found a cyclist in distress and, police say, intoxicated.
It seems he had entered the intersection riding his bike, failing to give the right of way to motorists. The mishap left the cyclist with Highway Traffic Act and Liquor License Act charges. He was treated for minor injuries.

In other police news:

Party central

A small party turned out to be more than what the owners bargained for when dozens of youth crashed the scene Friday night.
Police responded to a call from neighbours of the residence who reported hearing screaming, fighting and breaking glass coming from the abode. Upon arrival, police found 60-70 underage drinkers who, it’s reported, turned up without the owner’s permission.
Police cleared the scene of the crashers at the owner’s request. One youth was transported to RVH for alcohol poisoning, one charged with breach of probation, while others were slapped with alcohol and trespass charges.

Booze snooze

The munchies left a man facing impaired charges after police responded to a call about a driver passed out behind the wheel of a car.
On Saturday morning, police were called to the Wendy’s on Bayfield Street after staff noticed a vehicle in the parking lot still running, with the driver passed out behind the wheel. Officers arrived on the scene and found the man as staff had reported. After being roused, he was subsequently charged with impaired driving and care and control. He was held until sober and released with a future court date.

RIDE spot checks

Barrie police had RIDE spot checks in operation at various locations around the city on Friday, stopping 410 vehicles. Two people were charged with impaired driving and drive over 80 mgs of alcohol. Another person was arrested but later released with only a three-day license suspension.

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