Toronto man sobers up in Barrie jail

Having one, or many, too many, landed an intoxicated male a spell at the local jail.
Barrie Police report that a call was taken Wednesday afternoon about a drunk male walking through the bus terminal. When officers arrived they had a look around and located a 51-year-old Toronto man who fit the description, “staggering in front of McDonald’s on Dunlop Street West.”
He was arrested under the authority of the Liquor Licence Act, held until sober and released with a drunk ticket.

In other police news:

• A disturbance Wednesday in the parking lot of the Canadian Tire on Bayfield Street attracted the attention of Barrie police. Arriving at the scene, officers observed a store employee “struggling with a male.”
Officers subsequently subdued the male, later being told the 23-year-old Barrie man “had removed several items from the store without paying for them.” He was taken to the police station and held for a bail hearing as he was out on probation on similar offences.
• Patrolling in the vicinity of Sophia and Peel streets, Barrie Police Heat unit officers observed a man who was wanted on a warrant for breaching his probation. The 34-year-old male was arrested, taken to the police station and later released with a January court date.
• Police say they have a possible suspect in relation to the theft of narcotics from a Barrie animal hospital. The narcotics are a synthetic analgesic used in the treatment of pain.

• On Tuesday, Barrie police visited a city residence “in regards to an out-of-control teenage boy.”
After arriving at the abode, police spoke to a father who said his son, 16, had damaged the house, and had left when police arrived. Police report that they observed “extensive damage in the residence, holes in the drywall, smashed porcelain dishes, pellet holes in picture frames and saliva on the TV screen.”
Officers located a youth standing at the corner, and report that when approached, he fled. After a short foot chase, he was apprehended, taken to the police station and released with a January court for mischief under.

• A Barrie Police officer on regular patrol near Perry Street observed a male walking down the street with an open box. When approached by the officer in his cruiser, the male turned around and began walking in the opposite direction, police report.
The male, 27, was stopped and investigation revealed he was wanted on an outstanding warrant for drive under suspension. He was arrested and taken to the local provincial jail to serve his 10-day sentence.

• Having an alleged puff alone in a parked vehicle has left a man facing a drug charge and a December court date.
Police report that Barrie Police Heat unit officers patrolling the downtown core observed a suspicious vehicle parked on Clapperton Street. Approaching it, a lone male driver was observed and the “strong fresh smell of marihuana coming from the interior of the vehicle” was noticed.
The man was found to be in possession of 11 grams of marihuana, located in the driver compartment, and was subsequently charged with possession of a controlled drug.

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