Toronto man face harassment charges

A Toronto man should have listened to police when they told him to hang up, but he didn’t and now faces criminal harassment charges.
Barrie police took a call yesterday (May 4) from a Toronto man asking them to check up on his children who live in Barrie with their mother. Police did so and found the children to be in good health.
While there, police say, the man phoned the residence more than 20 times. He was repeatedly told by both the officer and the female not to call anymore as his behaviour was alarming all involved. However, the calls continued.
The male also called Barrie police about 20 times during the same period, cursing and ranting about his ex, say police. He was repeatedly told to stop calling police.
Looking into the matter more closely, police found that the male had been harassing the female for about two years. Between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m., he telephoned the residence 71 times. With the assistance of Peel Regional Police, a 40 –year-old Brantford male was arrested and charged with criminal harassment and harassing phone calls. He was held pending a bail hearing.

In other police news:

Woman complains about being stalked
A Barrie woman dropped by the police station on May 3 to report that she was being stalked by an ex boyfriend.
She said the male was extremely possessive, phoning and texting her constantly to enquire about her whereabouts and activities. The woman, 42, also said her ex followed her on numerous occasions and was obsessed with knowing who she was with at all times. On one occasion he had reportedly driven her out of town and assaulted and threatened her.
A Barrie male, 33, was arrested and charged with criminal harassment, forcible confinement, assault and uttering threats. He was held pending a bail hearing.
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