Time to hang up?

Letting go can be a difficult concept, but when the police are involved perhaps it’s time to move on.
That may be the lesson for a Barrie man who faces charges after his former girlfriend received 38 telephone calls, in which police say death threats were made.
On Thursday police received a domestic complaint from the target of the calls. She told police about the calls from her ex-boyfriend earlier in the evening. In some of the calls, police say, the suspect made threats to kill the victim.
She made other complaints about mischief to her property from January where the suspect allegedly damaged the front door of her house trying to break in and wreck her computer.
A warrant was obtained for the suspect. He was located and charged by officers of the Domestic Violence Unit to appear for a bail hearing Friday morning.

In other police news:

Fake prescription for Oxycotin
Police were called to a Walmart pharmacy when alert staff discovered that a male was attempting to fraudulently fill out a prescription.
The male had the prescription filled out at another pharmacy, and then stole the doctor’s prescription script from the first pharmacy, police allege. Police attended the pharmacy and waited for the male to return for his supply of Oxycotin, arresting the male who now faces criminal charges.
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