Threat leads to weapons charges: police

A Barrie resident is facing weapons charges after allegedly issuing a warning that he was going to “start firing a gun,” police report.
The incident occurred on Aug. 26. Police report that three people congregated in a wooded ravine near the suspect’s residence. The suspect, 30, “came out of his residence and walked to the back of his yard which backs onto the wooded area of the ravine. The male became engaged in a verbal argument (with) the three people and demanded they leave the area. The male then stated that he was going to start firing a gun and this is their warning,” say police.
Police say he walked back to his residence and returned with an air gun, which he reportedly began to fire. The three fled and called police. The resident was subsequently arrested and charged with three counts of assault with a weapon, police report. He faces a future court date.

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