Tempers flare on streets of Barrie

A road rage incident that included the revealing of a knife has led to a future court date for a Barrie man.
Police officers responded to a call on Tuesday about a case of road rage on Anne Street North. It seems two drivers, both males, became involved in a verbal argument over driving abilities, police report.
During the argument one of the males, police say, pulled a knife from the vehicle’s visor and made a slicing action across his throat. The other driver contacted the police via cell phone while he followed the driver to relay their whereabouts.
The suspect driver intentionally drove down a dead-end street; the driver turned the vehicle around and drove directly at the victim’s vehicle at a high rate of speed, only swerving at the last minute, police say, adding the man’s four-year-old daughter was in the vehicle.
Police arrived and arrested the male; the knife was located on him. He was taken to the station and later released with a future court date and a number of conditions.
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