Shoplifters keep Barrie police busy

Shoplifting incidents kept Barrie police busy yesterday as officers responded to calls from around the city. In one situation, a Barrie man was arrested after flying the coup with chicken for which he had not paid.
Security at the Yonge St. Zehr’s store tried to catch a man for stealing some chicken. He got in his vehicle, ignoring the security officer. He was identified by security, his licence plate was noted, and he was subsequently arrested at his home address.
The male, 44, was charged with theft under and possession under, and released with a future court date and conditions.
A female, 33, was also caught shoplifting from the same grocery store. She was charged with theft under and fraud under, and held for a bail hearing. Turns out she was facing the same charge from a previous occurrence, police report.
Meanwhile, at the downtown Dollarama, a male, 28, was apprehended for shoplifting. He was found to be in breach of the terms of his probation, and he had some marihuana on him, police report.
He was charged with theft under, two counts of breach of probation and possession of controlled drugs. He was held for a bail hearing.
Up the road at the Georgian Mall, two youths, 16 and 15, were arrested for shoplifting. The 16 year old was charged with theft under, and the 15 year old theft under and breach of probation. They released with a future court date.
• Police locate wanted male
• Additional warrant pops up
• “Patient parent” collects young males from police station after cabbie drives them there
• Male, 25, faces several charges of assault following dustup at downtown bar

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