Barrie police lay range of charges

It looks like it was business as usual for Barrie police this weekend, as they laid a range of charges, from public drunkenness to impaired operation.
On Sunday night, police responded to a call from a Collier Street location in regards to a male who was allegedly drunk and not wanted at the location. The man, described by police as being 37 and of no fixed address, displayed signs of intoxication, police say, adding there was no one at the address who knew the man, and he seemed unable to tend for himself. He was arrested and taken to the station where he was held until sober, and issued a provincial offences fine.
Another incidence of being intoxicated in public was subject to police attention Sunday night when officers patrolling the downtown core discovered a male, who, police say, appeared to be drunk. The 25 year old apparently became belligerent with police, who maintain he was not acting in a rational manner, unable “to answer simple questions and was being argumentative and uncooperative with the police officer.” He was transported to the police station and released once sober, police say. He will be required to pay a provincial offences fine.
On Friday, around about 8 p.m., police report conducting an investigation of a two-vehicle collision. That led to one of the drivers being arrested and charged for Impaired Operation and Over 80. He was “lodged at the Barrie Police custody facility,” and released when sober.
During the early hours of Saturday morning, police received a number of calls about a vehicle that was apparently moving in an erratic manner in the downtown core. Police located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. The driver was subsequently arrested for Impaired Operation. Police continue that the driver “became combative and assaulted one of the officers.” He was subdued and placed into handcuffs,” police report. Upon further investigation, open alcohol and a small quantity of suspected marijuana was discovered. One of the arresting officers suffered minor injuries in this incident, police report.
Throughout November, Barrie police participated in ‘Licence Lookout,’ watching for suspended and disqualified drivers. Friday morning, officers attended a residence in the Coxmill Road area. Officers watched a vehicle in the area that was possibly being operated by “male known to police to be a prohibited driver.” Police report that the vehicle backed out of the driveway, and onto the road. After a few seconds, police report, the vehicle drove back into the driveway.
The officer recognized the male driver “from previous dealings to produce his driver’s license and identification, to which he was unable to produce,” police report. The officer was aware the driver, 44, was on a Canada-wide driving ban resulting from a previous impaired driving condition. He was arrested, police report, and charged criminally with failing to comply with the conditions of his probation order. He was taken into custody and his vehicle was impounded.

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