Rat poison kills cat in Barrie

Barrie police are advising residents to tend to their pets after a cat succumbed to an apparent poisoning.
A Steele Street resident called police after a one-year-old male cat, which had been outside for about two hours Tuesday morning, dined on some edibles subsequently found to contain poison typically used to terminate rats.
The feline died the following day (today) as a result of downing the tainted treat. Police aren’t sure if the incident was deliberate, or if the cat’s demise was simply the result of an unfortunately set of circumstances.

An unfortunate 911 call for father

A misdialled 911 call turned out to be unfortunate for a 32-year-old Barrie man.
His 13-month-old daughter accidentally dialled 911 and police advised that they would have to attend to confirm that everything is fine. It also was determined that the male had an outstanding warrant from South Grey OPP.
Police attended, babysitting arrangements were made for the child, and the male was arrested and taken to the police station.
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