Police report slew of impaired driving

Despite ongoing awareness campaigns to stop impaired driving, it seems the message continues to go unheard or unheeded by some, as evidenced by the number of charges over the past few days.
Here’s a rundown on the reported incidents:
• Early Monday morning police report that a vehicle was observed being operated in a suspicious manner. The vehicle was pulled over and police report that a strong odour of alcohol was noticed coming from the driver.
A male, 22, was given a roadside test, which he failed, say police, and he was subsequently transported to the police station to provide two breath samples. His results, say police, registered twice the legal limit. He faces a court date to answer to charges.
• A 24-year-old Barrie woman is looking at impaired care or control and drive over 80mgs charges after police observed her drive early Saturday morning.
Police report that the woman’s keys to her vehicle had been taken from her by a responsible citizen. She subsequently, say police, called her boyfriend to come downtown in his vehicle. Officers in the area, police report, observed the male take the female’s vehicle home, and the female behind the wheel of her boyfriend’s truck.
Police stopped her whereupon she was taken to the station for a breath test, which she failed, say police.
• Also on Saturday, about 7:40 p.m., police report stopping a vehicle near Blake and Johnston streets. The driver, a 49-year-old male, was subsequently charged with impaired care and control together with drive Over 80mgs. Subsequent investigations located an unlawfully held shotgun together with brass knuckles, which led to weapons charges also being laid, say police.
• Last Thursday as police were patrolling Dunlop Street West, they stopped a vehicle that was reportedly being driven in “an erratic fashion.” The driver, say police, appeared intoxicated.
A demand to produce a breath sample was refused, say police. When told of the consequences of refusing to provide a sample, police report that the man, 60, said, “it doesn’t matter, I am returning to New York State tomorrow.”
His travel plans were apparently delayed as police arrested him for impaired driving and refusal to supply a breath sample. He was taken to the police station and held for a bail hearing.
• Early Thursday morning, police were called to a downtown parking lot in response to a call about a driver doing ‘donuts’ in the lot. When they arrived the vehicle was not to be found.
However, police continued to be on the look out, and the vehicle was located near for Five Points intersection in downtown Barrie. The driver, a 19-year-old woman, was found to be impaired by alcohol, police say.
Taken to the station, police report she registered twice the legal limit. The vehicle, which belongs to her father, say police, was impounded.

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