Police link man to damaged vehicles

Barrie police arrested a man who, they say, is linked to two incidents of damaging vehicles in parking lots, one of which involved nine police vehicles.
The man, police say, went to a job fair in March on Welham Road, where he caused a disturbance and was asked to leave, according to a police report. In the parking lot he allegedly caused damage to company vehicles.
On July 27, a man dropped by the Barrie Police Service’s location on Bell Farm Road. According to police, the man damaged the police vehicles in the parking lot and was reportedly cut, leaving blood at the scene.
Thursday, officers in the downtown core investigated a male, 29, who was riding a bicycle and who declined to identify himself. He was subsequently charged with obstructing police. Upon a search of his person, police say they discovered his ID.
He was found to have a quantity of marijuana, say police, and it was later discovered he was wanted in Sault Ste. Marie on a number of charges.
He was subsequently linked to the damaged vehicles, say police. He appeared in court Friday for a bail hearing.

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