Police investigate ‘familiar’ burglary

Barrie police investigated a probable break and enter into a business in the area of Anne and Dunlop streets early Thursday morning.
When cleaners arrived at the business around 6 a.m. they discovered the front door had been smashed in. Police subsequently determined that several bottles of liquor had been removed.
Police believe the break-in took place between 2 and 6 a.m. They had earlier reported that a rash of burglaries fitting this profile appeared to be the work of the same individual.
Anyone with knowledge of the crime is asked to call Detective Constable Jason Dorion at 705-725-7025, ext: 2168, or Detective Constable Mark Hankin at 705-725-7025, ext: 2173, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

• In other police news:

Woman leaves hospital, heads for Barrie
The Southern Georgian Bay OPP contacted Barrie police about a 26-year-old female who had left the hospital at which she was staying, and was believed to be headed to Barrie.
Concern was expressed for the well-being of the woman, who was thought to have mental-health issues. The woman was spotted by police early Thursday afternoon and was subsequently taken into custody. She was turned over to the OPP and returned to the medical facility.

Semi-conscious male treated and charged
Police attended the downtown Barrie library Thursday morning after taking a call about a man who had locked himself in the bathroom and appeared to be in medical distress.
When they arrived, officers found the man in a semi-conscious state. He was transported to the RVH by ambulance. Once there, it was determined he had consumed an unknown quantity of drugs.
He was found to be in possession of non-prescribed oxycodone and was also on probation for similar offences. After being treated the male was given a future court date for possession of a controlled substance and breach of probation.

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