Police charge three motorists with impaired driving

In just over three hours this past weekend, Barrie police stopped and charged three motorists with impaired-driving offences.
Officers, police report, responded to three separate motor vehicle collisions in Barrie, but there was a common factor which connected each of these incidents. In each case, the at-fault driver was arrested and charged with impaired driving as a result of making a poor decision that resulted in them getting behind the wheel of their car and driving after they had consumed alcohol. Fortunately, no one sustained any serious injuries, but the situation could have been worse.
“With so many options available to the motoring public this holiday season, it is imperative that drivers plan ahead and this includes how they will get home after an evening of socializing that may involve alcohol. There have been far too many times that our officers have been called to the scene of crash that involves alcohol or drugs and in all of these investigations, available options would have likely prevented the crash from occurring if the driver simply planned ahead,” Sergeant John Brooks of the Barrie Police Traffic Unit is quoted saying.
Each and every day, impaired driving wreaks havoc upon our roads right across the country and can change a family or an individual’s life forever, police report. This holiday season, the Barrie Police Service is encouraging the public to take the time to simply plan ahead and consider using a designated driver, a ride sharing service, public transit or any other transportation service provider if you plan on drinking or using recreational cannabis. By planning now, you can never put yourself in a seat you shouldn’t be in or in a position that you may regret for a lifetime.