Police charge talkative driver with impaired operation, refusal to comply

A chatty driver ended up talking himself into a future court date to face impaired driving-related charges.
Tuesday night, within a 38-minute timespan, Barrie police received three separate calls from concerned community members after the actions of a driver appeared to be somewhat out of the ordinary.
The driver, operating a brown-coloured Honda Civic, was stopping and attempting to engage people in conversation in return for money, police report. In one case, some children were playing street hockey and the motorist got out of the car and began to talk about hockey. He then took a shot on net and then gave each of the youths that were playing some money.
The motorist then drove off, but the children involved obtained the licence plate, told a parent, who in turn contacted police. It was within minutes that the two other calls were received and police began to search for the motor vehicle and the lone male occupant. Each call to police provided detailed information on the car and the driver involved.
Shortly after 9:30 p.m., police located the motor vehicle and driver in question in a parking lot near Big Bay Point Road and Leggot Avenue. Showing signs of impairment, the 26-year old male driver was arrested and is now charged with Operation while Impaired and Refusal to Comply with a Demand (Breath Sample). He is scheduled to appear at the Ontario Court of Justice located in Barrie on May 8.