Police charge mother and daughter

A mother and daughter from Midland out for a night on the town in Barrie ended up with a different type of bonding experience.
Friday night, police patrolling the downtown core noticed a female causing a disturbance outside a bar. It seems the ladies had been tossed out of the establishment and while attempting to get back in, the daughter spat in the face of a bouncer, police say.
A struggle ensued with the bouncer’s face being scratched, say police, and a bystander being assaulted. As police tried to arrest the younger woman she became combative, police say. Her mother tried to free her, and she is now facing charges of obstruct police.
The daughter was charged with three counts of assault; the mother was released unconditionally after the situation calmed down.

In other police news:

Citizen turns in found money
Barrie police are commending the act of an honest citizen who turned in money that he had found.
While running an errand at a plaza, an east-end resident came across an amount of money lying on the ground next to his vehicle. He took the money to the police station and turned it in.
• Vehicle lodges in store entrance
• Theft under $5,000
Breach of probation
Assault with a weapon

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