Police caution ‘free-running’ youth

Youth who indulge in ‘free running’ are being reminded by Barrie police of safety and legal concerns.
Police report that a homeowner called police on Thursday after seeing three youths on the roof of her garage. The three took off, but not before she took a picture of them, which she gave to the police.
Using the photo, police were able to track down the three at a local elementary school. It turns out they were ‘free running’ and did not mean any harm. The term refers to ‘runners’ who use the urban landscape as a playground, where they jump from structure to structure performing tricks.
Police would like to caution people that aside from the obvious dangers associated with jumping from rooftops, using private property as a playground may end up with arrest and charges from anything ranging from trespassing to mischief, or even break and enter depending on the circumstances.

In other police news:

Caller had outstanding warrants
A man who called police with a complaint got more attention than he bargained for when he was arrested on outstanding warrants.
He called police Thursday morning to report ongoing problems he was having with one of his neighbours. As it turned out, police learned that the 44-year-old Barrie male had outstanding warrants held by York Regional Police Service for assault, forcible entry and mischief under $5,000.
The male was arrested on the strength of the outstanding warrants and turned over to York Regional Police. Both involved parties to the neighbour dispute were spoken to and advice was given.
• Eight year old’s bag stolen
• Robbery victim stabbed

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