Police ‘catch up’ to trio

Barrie police had no trouble catching up with a trio of people, one of whom was charged with careless driving and failing to remain when police located them.
Today (Thursday), police responded to a call from a citizen who reported seeing a pickup truck hit a light standard, breaking the pole off. The witness then observed three young people get out of the truck and begin to push it. The witness followed, say police, providing them with updates.
When police caught up with the trio, they were almost a kilometre away from the accident scene, reportedly still pushing the truck. The incident led to the charges against a 17-year-old youth.

In other police news:

Elderly man located in Oakville
An elderly Barrie man who left his residence at a local retirement home yesterday (Wednesday) morning to run some errands was located last night at a Shopper’s Drug mart in Oakville.
After the man, 88, failed to return to the retirement home at his usual time, his concerned wife contacted Barrie police. Staff at the Oakville Shopper’s contacted Halton Regional Police about the presence of the man, who reportedly suffers from possible dementia, say police.
Halton police returned the man to Barrie and his family.

Infant fine after “slamming”
A Barrie infant avoided injuries after the stroller the baby was in was “slammed” to the ground by a man suspected of shoplifting, struggling with security outside the store, police report.
According to police, the man, 31, was observed “selecting items and concealing them in the baby stroller which he was pushing.” Upon being approached outside the store by security, the suspect reportedly “picked up the stroller and the 17-month-old child that was riding in it and slammed them to the ground.”
An altercation ensued between the male and store security, police say, during which he experienced some “medical distress,” requiring a trip to the RVH via ambulance. He was subsequently charged with theft under $5,000, assault and breach of probation, and was held pending a bail hearing.
Merchandise valued at $17.50 was recovered, police report. As reported, the baby was fine.

Citizen foils attempted bank robbery
An alert citizen stopped the efforts of a would-be bank robber this week, disarming a 25-year-old male he observed brandishing a knife and demanding cash from a teller, police report.
The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon at the BMO branch at 44 Mapleview Drive West. Police report that a lone male wearing a bandana over his face and dark sunglasses approached a teller, reportedly producing a knife and demanding that the teller turn over cash.
The citizen, who was standing beside the suspect, noticed what was happening and took action, grabbing hold of the man’s hand, eventually forcing him to relinquish the knife. The suspect was detained until police arrived, and was subsequently charged with attempt robbery, wearing a disguise and assault with a weapon.
Anyone who witnessed the incident is asked to contact contact Det. Kevin McLean 705-725-7025, ext: 2974.

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