Police catch junction-box tippers

Damaging property, including phone and cable junction boxes, is not just a prank, it’s a serious criminal offence, Barrie police are warning would-be pranksters.
Police had been getting calls all week about youths tipping the green junction boxes. The search for the culprits proved unsuccessful, as no one was around when police arrived.
That changed in the early hours of Saturday morning when police located two males in the area of Dunsmore Lane. Upon further investigation, the one 19-year-old male admitted the scheme was all his idea and that his friend was not involved, police say. The perpetrators, police say, attend the local college.
The males were taken to the scenes of their mischief and required to return the boxes to working order. In doing so, police learned that the one male had caused damage to a car and a tree. He was charged with mischief for this offence.

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