Police busy at closing time

Closing time in downtown Barrie on Saturday morning saw police dealing with fights and drunkenness.
After being tossed from one bar for trying to pick fights, an “intoxicated combative” 20-year-old male was charged with being intoxicated in a public place after he swung and missed at a parked police car.
Another male, 21, was arrested after being “found stumbling around the back of another bar” and being “too drunk to walk or talk or provide his address.” He resided with the police that night and was released when sober.
Another male, 24, was arrested near the Five Points after he was found to be under the influence, and in breach of conditions not to consume alcohol. He was charged with failing to comply with probation and held for bail.
Yet another young male, 19, was arrested after becoming involved in a dispute with another male at closing time. He was charged with assault and released when sober.

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