Police and fire respond to bird call

A large flock of geese got the attention of Barrie police and fire Tuesday morning, via a call from a concerned citizen who thought the ‘object’ on the ice may have been that of a person or injured animal.
Police are using the bird call as a cautionary exercise to warn people to keep off of thin ice, and to call to check conditions before venturing out on the ice, so as not to run afoul of the weather and ensure everything is ducky.
They also remind citizens that with the arrival of ice, emergency response on the bay is now the responsibility of the fire department.

• In other police news:

On Tuesday morning, police say they responded to a call from a woman who said her former boyfriend had come to her home “and confronted her over the breakup.”
Police say the woman fled to her bedroom, locked the door and called police. The male allegedly broke through the door and began yelling at the woman, police say.
The man subsequently left the dwelling but was quickly apprehended by police, they report. The man, 35, was arrested for Mischief and forcible entry. During a search, police say, a large quantity of marihuana was found in his possession. He was taken to the station to wait for a bail hearing.
Late Tuesday afternoon, police report being called to an address on Bradford Street for the purpose of identifying a male for the Out of the Cold Program. Investigating officers arrived and observed that the 52-year-old local man was quite drunk and being loud and verbally abusive to the staff at that location, police report. The man was unsteady on his feet and not in a position to look after himself, police report. He was arrested and taken into custody for his own protection and was released once sober with a Provincial Offences fine to pay.
Barrie police responded to a call Monday night about a woman who was allegedly very drunk and stumbling while walking a dog. The dog seemed to be pulling her at some points, police report. She was carrying a bottle of wine in her coat and it looked like she had spilled quite a bit of the alcohol on herself, police report. Investigating officers placed her under arrest for her own safety. She was dressed for the weather, but kept falling into the slush and snow, police report. The local woman, 52, was held in custody until sober and released with a Provincial Offences fine to pay.