Party zones quieter than usually

Barrie police are reporting a quieter return to school in the east-end area that’s home to college students and the location of frequent complaints about noise and drunken revelry in the past.
Police say they saw a “significant decrease in noise, liquor and disturbance complaints in the east end this year,” from last year during the traditional back-to-school ‘frosh week.’ They report that for the normally busy period of Thursday through the weekend to Sunday, there was a 63 per cent decrease in calls from last year, when there were 35 calls. This year, police responded to 11 calls.
The ‘party zone’ had a significant police presence this year, with four officers on duty each night, backed up by a further eight officers from the downtown HEAT (High Enforcement Action Team) unit. When they saw house parties forming, officers dropped by with reminders about noise regulations. Despite the warnings, three noise charges were laid.
Meanwhile, officers working downtown, along with agents from the AGCO, handed out 22 liquor charges – 10 people were arrested and charges included six criminal, one drug, nine traffic, three bylaw and three trespassing.
However, despite the arrests police say the weekend was a more peaceful one than past occasions. Police plan to continue to have a heightened presence in the east end and downtown throughout September.

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