Officers deployed due to bomb threat

Barrie police continue to investigate a threat that a bomb would be set off somewhere in the city yesterday, Tues. Sept. 4. However, they report that at the present time, “the threat remains unsubstantiated and suspect(s) are unknown.”
On Aug. 22 police received information, in the form of a letter, about a possible bomb threat. The letter said a bomb would be set off in Barrie, Sept. 4, and made general references to public buildings and schools. The letter also said police should take the threat seriously.
Police subsequently notified schools, banks, the public library, City Hall and other institutions. On Monday and Tuesday of this week, officers were deployed in case the threat was credible and acted upon. The Barrie Police Service also worked with local local boards, which have their own emergency plans in place.
City police sent the letter to the Ontario Provincial Police Behavioural Sciences and Analysis Section.
“The letter at the time was deemed not to be valid with little likelihood of the author carrying out the threat. Barrie police still took the threat as serious and put various resources in place,” police report.

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