Off-duty cop on the job

An off-duty Barrie police officer alerted other officers to the presence of a suspected intoxicated driver, before approaching the woman in question to prevent her from driving off, police report.
The officer was at the South Shore Community Centre, Monday, in the early evening hours and observed, police report, a woman showing signs of inebriation move towards her vehicle. She opened the driver’s door and sat in the front seat with keys for the vehicle in her hand, police say.
The officer approached, identified himself, and prevented the woman from driving. Uniformed officers arrived and she was charged with Care and Control. At the station, she reportedly registered three times over the legal limit on the first breath test, police report, adding she refused a second test and subsequently faces an additional charge of Refuse to Provide Breath Sample.
Once sober, the female, 53, was released with a future court date. Her vehicle was impounded for seven days and her driver’s license was suspended for 90 days.

In other police news:

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