Off-duty Barrie cop tackles alleged phone thief

An off-duty Barrie cop was on the job when a woman reportedly had her cell phone stolen after it fell out of her purse as she was running after her dog.
Barrie police took a call in regards to the theft of the cell phone. They report that an 18-year-old male scooped the phone up after it tumbled from the purse, and ran with it. He was subsequently tackled by the off-duty officer, who happened to be on the scene.
The male has been charged with theft under and faces a September court date.

In other police news:

• Barrie Police are looking for vandals who appear to have a particular calling card.
Police responded to a mischief call about vandals who have entered a garage, removing property from a vehicle and spray painting the design of a penis on it.
The attending officer, police report, was advised that other residents have encountered similar ‘calling cards,’ with a similar design and vulgar sayings attached. They peg total damage to be in excess of $40,000.

• A RIDE check Monday night at the intersection of Cundles Road and Duckworth Street yielded a drug charge after police report finding a quantity of marihuana in the possession of a 21-year-old male.
Police say he had seven grams of marihuana. He is now facing a September court date.
The vehicle was being operated by an 18-year-old male, and two other young people were passengers. Upon further investigation, it was discovered the car had been stolen from the Niagara region, police report.
The 18-year-old driver is being held for a bail hearing and charges are pending against the remaining two passengers.

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