New record check act limits access to youth records

The Barrie Police Service has released information on the Police Record Check Reform Act (PRCRA), passed Dec. 1, 2015, and enacted today (Nov. 1).
The PRCRA ensures a clear, consistent and comprehensive set of standards to govern how police record checks (PRC) are conducted and disclosed in Ontario, police report. The Act will apply to all record check providers in Ontario, when conducting record checks that are requested from them (i.e., for employment, volunteering, licensing and other purposes). It will standardize the three types of record checks that can be conducted and will limit and standardize the types of information authorized to be disclosed in each type of police record check.
The Act will require that an individual receive their record check before being asked to consent to disclosure to a third party, such as an employer. One of the most significant changes is that non-governmental agencies will no longer be authorized to receive results from youth records. As such, Barrie Police Service will no longer be providing criminal record checks to anyone under the age of 18, unless it is for the purposes of employment or volunteering with a government agency.
The Act authorizes police services to conduct three types of police record checks:

  • Criminal Records Check (CRC)
  • Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (CRJMC)
  • Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC).

Further information including applicant and agency fact sheets can be found on the Barrie Police Service website. Information specific to this new legislation can be found on the Ontario Ministry of Community safety & Correctional Services website.