Morning skate leads to arrest

A decision to go for an inline skate early Thursday morning proved to be problematic for a Barrie man after he rolled by police in the city’s downtown.
Seems the man, 27, had been charged for possession of cannabis marihuana a few years back, but had failed to attend a scheduled court date, report police. Officers from the downtown patrol acted on a bench warrant that had been issued for his arrest, taking him into custody and holding him for a bail hearing “to ensure his appearance in court.”

In other police news:

Ruckus draws attention of police
Knocking over garbage cans and a mail box drew the attention of police to a man, who seemed to be intoxicated, early Thursday morning.
Upon being approached by police, the man became uncooperative, police report. As a result, he was taken into custody whereupon “a quantity of cocaine” was discovered on him.
The male, 29, was charged with public intoxication and possession of cocaine, and was released with a court date after he sobered up.

Police check up on cheques
Barrie police received a call from two local banks reporting a possible fraud committed by a woman using the ATM and her PIN.
The woman, police say, “had tendered two forged cheques each in her name … after depositing the monies the female then immediately withdrew large sums of money.”
A fraud investigation began. Today (Thursday), the woman, 34, went to the police station at the request of an officer, and was subsequently placed under arrest before being released with a future court date and a number of conditions.
She has been charged with fraud-related offences.

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