Missing woman found

The best-case scenario unfolded for a Barrie family when their reportedly mentally-challenged daughter, who had been reported missing, was found safe and sound.
The woman, 25, ventured off to Orillia late last week to join a birthday party. When she didn’t turn up at that party, her family got concerned and called police. She was spotted in the Orillia area early Saturday evening, and brought home by a Barrie officer.
Police thank the public for their assistance in locating her.

Scooter crash

A traffic mishap around sundown Friday left a man fighting for his life.
Police say he was making his way across Anne Street near Donald Street, when his motorized scooter was hit by a car turning right onto Anne. The 51-year-old man was airlifted to St. Michael’s Hospital’s trauma unit, where he remained in critical condition over the weekend.
No word yet on charges. Anyone with information is asked to call Barrie Police, and ask for Constable Hale at extension 2219.

Language, please

A couple in the act of splitting up was warned to guard their language.
Police were called early Saturday afternoon to a dwelling amid reports someone was being “kidnapped.” That’s where they learned the breakup was happening, and the word was used in reference to the custody of the two kids.
Police urged the two to be more cautious in their handling of the situation, especially around the children.


Police responded Friday noon to a 911 call from a woman who told officers her husband had come home from an all-day drinking spree and punched her in the face. The husband was arrested and held for a bail hearing.

Father assaulted

A young man out of control was the focus of a police visit soon after 2:30 Sunday morning.
Officers answered the call to a house where they learned the 22-year-old man had reportedly assaulted his father and then fled the scene. The older man sustained minor facial injuries, and when the son came back to the house, he was arrested and released with a December court date.

More trouble than she knew

A fit of temper proved this woman’s undoing. Police were called Sunday night to a downtown address to find the woman, 43, going off on a tear, smashing objects in her room.
In the process, she cut herself and needed hospitalization. But as her injuries were being looked over, OPP came into the picture. It appeared she was wanted by provincial officers on an outstanding charge. She was arrested and handed a future court date.

by Glenn Wilkins

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