Mischief charge for Barrie woman, 19

A Barrie woman apparently not satisfied with a response that a male she was looking for wasn’t at home is facing charges and a court date.
Police report that the woman, 19, went to a city address Monday night looking for a male she believed to be living there. When told the person she sought wasn’t at the residence, and after she was denied entrance, the woman, say police, went to the back of the building, kicking at a window while standing on an air conditioning unit.
The window broke and she entered the premises, police report. She was arrested at the scene, taken to the police station and charged with mischief and breach of probation. She was held pending bail hearing.

In other police news:

• A man leaving a bar Tuesday morning had his request for a ride fulfilled, just not to the location of his choice.
Police report that officers observed a doorman from one of the downtown bars escorting a patron out. The man, say police, was intoxicated and was berating the doorman. When officers approached, the man began “demanding that they give him a ride home.” Police suggested a cab ride, “and the male started to berate them using the same language that he had on the doorman.”
Police say the man started to walk on the road, becoming a danger to himself. He got a ride, but to the police station where he was held until sober.
The man, 22, was released with a fine for being intoxicated in a public place.

• A 17-year-old Barrie female is facing charges following a break and enter at a city address.
On Monday, the home owner returned from a weekend trip to find her home had been entered. Property was removed and damage valued at $1,000 was caused, police say. Investigation resulted in the arrest of the female, who now faces break and enter and mischief charges, as well as a March court date.

• A man is facing a court date to answer a charge of driving with more than 80mgs of alcohol, after being pulled over by police on Sunday night for a sobriety check.
Police report that the man was seen leaving a licensed establishment, and a traffic stop was initiated to “ensure the sobriety of the driver.” The driver subsequently failed the roadside test, was taken to the police station and required to provide a breath sample into a breathalyzer machine. He registered samples of over 130 mgs, police report.
He was charged and released with a future court date.

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