Microwave sparks knife wounds

A shoving match involving food resulted in two Barrie men receiving knife wounds and related charges.
Police report that around 11:20 p.m. Wednesday, an altercation began in a rooming house at a residential address in Barrie. According to police, one of the men was intoxicated and the other not.
The intoxicated male, say police, had food in the microwave, while the other was putting his own food away in the cupboard above the microwave. The intoxicated man, say police, shoved the other aside to get at his food in the microwave. A shoving match reportedly ensued in which the sober man was pushed against the drying rack, cutting his arm on a knife.
Police report that the intoxicated man began throwing punches, “and other male grabbed a knife and held it out in front of him to ward off the assailant.” Continuing the assault, the intoxicated man sustained a knife injury to his arm, say police.
Police responded to a call from the intoxicated man, who reported being stabbed. He was taken to hospital for treatment, and subsequently charged with assault. He faces a June court date. The other man was charged with assault with a weapon. He was released with a June court date. Both men have agreed to avoid each other.

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