Man ‘blows’ three times over: police

Barrie police had a busy night with various alcohol-related and other offences, Tuesday night.
Responding to a collision on Blake Street, police suspected a male driver, 40, of being impaired. He was arrested and taken to the station where two breath tests were administered. The results, say police, were almost three times the legal limit.
He was held until sober and released with a February court date.
In another situation involving alcohol, Barrie police responded to a call about three alleged drunken males walking up the street.
When they arrived, officers found a severely intoxicated male, 22, and “arrested (him) for his own safety.” He was searched and police found some pot in his pocket. He was taken to the station and held until sober, then released with a “drunk ticket and promise to appear for possession of a controlled substance,” at a February court date.
Still on Tuesday night, Barrie police responded to an assault call, and upon arriving noticed the assault victim bleeding from the head, which, he told police, resulted from being hit with a broom.
The suspect, 19, was subsequently arrested for assault with a weapon and breach of probation. He was taken to the station and held pending a bail hearing.
Police also responded to a 911 call, and upon arriving at the address observed a man, 52, “straddling the victim who was lying on the floor, stating he was going to kill her.”
He was arrested for threatening. It was later determined he had tried to choke the female. In addition to the charges related to the incident, he was also charged with breaching his probation. He was held pending a bail hearing.

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