Loud driver attracts attention and charges

A man, 29, who was heard and seen “yelling and screaming” while sitting behind the wheel of a parked truck attracted the attention of a citizen, and later police.
Sunday night around 7 police were alerted to the presence of a man sitting in a truck in a Cundles Road East parking lot, behaving in a manner that caused the citizen to believe he was impaired, police report.
Police were called and the vehicle was stopped on Georgian Drive a short time later. Believing the driver to be impaired, the officer placed him under arrest and transported him to the police station.
There, police report, the man refused to provide breath samples. He was subsequently charged with impaired driving and refusing to provide a breath sample. Also, the man was found to be before the courts on a drug-related charges and was additionally charged for breach recognizance and breach probation.
He was was held pending a bail hearing.

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