Knock leads to attack: Barrie police

UPDATE: police located and charge suspect, 39, with robbery and utter threats – he was held pending bail hearing

Opening the door to the sound of someone knocking on the other side turned into an ordeal for a Barrie man who was robbed and beaten.
About 6 p.m. on Tuesday, the victim was completing some work at a Dunlop Street East apartment complex, say police. After opening the door to a knock he was confronted by a male who, say police, shoved him and began punching him about his face and body.
The alleged assailant demanded that the victim surrender his money. He put the victim in a headlock, police report, and again demanded the victim’s wallet. After he obtained the desired object, police say he fled with it from the complex.
The victim called police and gave a description of his attacker. When they arrived police observed a man who fit the description, someone who was known to them, police report.
The victim was taken to the RVH and treated. A warrant was prepared for the arrest of the suspect, who will face robbery and utter threat charges once located.

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