Knife-carrying woman tasered

A woman who dragged a knife down the side of a police cruiser before confronting police with it was subdued with the use of a taser.
On Friday, the woman, 42, was seen, by a witness, dragging a knife along the side of the unattended cruiser. The witness alerted police who located the woman near Sophia and Mulcaster streets.
The woman confronted officers with a knife attached to a belt, swinging the weapon at police. Police used a taser on the woman, who was subsequently taken into custody. Upon being searched, police found a bag containing several knives and chisels, and a second bag containing rocks.
She was taken to Royal Victoria Hospital for a psychological assessment and treatment of minor injuries, and found to be of sound mind. She was charged with mischief under $5,000 and weapons dangerous, and was held for a bail hearing. Police say that without the use of a taser this incident had potential for a tragic ending.

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