Keen-eyed citizen leads police to suspect driveway

The actions of an alert citizen led to the arrest of a Barrie man and charges related to a motor vehicle accident.
Yesterday (Wednesday) just after 2 a.m. Barrie police were called to a residential area in Barrie after a caller reported a fail to remain collision.
Officers arrived and spoke to the car owner who was inside the house when the incident occurred. Their vehicle was parked on the street when it was struck, sending it 20 metres up the street and onto the curb with significant damage to the driver’s side, police report. The loud noise prompted witnesses to run outside to find the suspect vehicle with obvious damage parked down the street with two people inside.
As the witness approached to speak to the driver, the vehicle drove off. The witness was able to keep sight of the vehicle as it drove around the corner and into a driveway. He stayed back and waited for police to arrive.
Officers were able to track a groove in the pavement from the rim of the suspect vehicle which went from the scene of collision to the residence where the damaged vehicle was parked.  Two people were located at the house and were confirmed to be the ones who were in the vehicle at the time of the collision.
Police learned the 31-year-old Barrie male who was driving the car had never been licensed, subsequently he has been charged with: Driving While Disqualified, Fail to Stop at Scene of Accident, Breach Probation x 2.
The accused male was held for a bail hearing in regards to the above charges as well as breaches of his previous statutory release conditions, police report.