Just another night for Barrie police

Barrie police were kept busy Thursday night and early Friday morning with the usual type of occurrences, including public intoxication and driving offences.
A Barrie man, 38, was stopped by a RIDE program set up on Dunlop Street and he was subsequently arrested for impaired driving. He lost his license for 30 days, had his car impounded for seven days and faces a court date to answer charges.
A man wanted by Barrie police is in their custody, after being released from the Central East Correctional Facility. Police received a call from the facility when the inmate was being released. Police arrived and arrested the 25 year old for Utter Threats and Breach of Probation. He was held for a bail hearing.
The actions of a reportedly drunk Orillia woman, 23, attracted police to a local residence, where she was placed under arrest for her own safety, police report. The woman was being taken to the police station but requested to go to the RVH instead.

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