Hots and a cot for Barrie man

An inability to pay a restaurant tab resulted in a Barrie man being arrested and provided with three meals a day and a roof over his head.
Barrie police took a call Thursday night in regards to a diner who had left a south-end restaurant without paying.The server reports the male entered the establishment and proceeded to order two alcohol beverages, along with a meal. Nearing the end of the meal, he started to behave in a peculiar manner. When the server approached, the male left the restaurant.
Police arrived to find the male had returned on his own accord. Police demanded he render payment for his meal, and when he advised that he had no money to do so, the male was arrested and taken to the station, where it was discovered he was on a probation order.
He was subsequently also charged with failing to comply with his probation, and held for a bail hearing, during which time he’ll receive three hots a day.
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