Fraud comes in many forms

Barrie police are reminding people that fraud comes in many guises, including the online type.
Police received a complaint from a realtor that her rental property appeared on both kijiji and Barrie olx websites, showing full pictures and an immediate availability.
Not bad advertising, except for the fact the property is not available and the owner never posted the ads.
The property was ‘listed’ by an unknown renter saying he was stationed in the UK for work, a stay that had been extended for two years. The ‘lister’ asks for a money transfer, with the promise of keys – which, of course, never arrive.
Police did not say if anyone had fallen for the scam, but remind people to be cautious and sceptical of any requests for money transfer, or other Internet-based schemes. A common one that regularly makes the rounds is one that comes from a person anxious to move large sums of money out of a distressed region, promising a substantial fee for providing bank account info to facilitate the transfer.
Both websites have been advised of this latest scam and will be removing the ad, say police.
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