Family dispute turns violent: police

A family dispute turned violent after a 16-year-old boy was confronted by his stepfather about drugs found in the boy’s jacket pocket, Barrie police report.
Police say the stepfather went to another room and closed the door after confronting the boy about the drugs. The boy, say police, followed and “proceeded to punch a hole in the door in attempts to ‘get at’ the stepfather.”
The stepfather was assaulted, police say, after which the boy began assaulting his mother. Attempting to stop him, police say the stepfather struck the boy on the knee with a hammer. When the assault continued, two siblings intervened.
The boy left the residence, damaging the the front walkway and the stepfather’s car on the way out, police report. When police arrived the boy had left the scene. None of the family members suffered any injuries.
The boy eventually turned himself in after seeking advice from a family friend, was charged with numerous offences and held pending a bail hearing, police report.

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