Driver, 17, charged after hitting tree

A Barrie youth finds himself charged with dangerous driving following a collision with a tree on the front lawn of a local residence.
Police say that on Thursday officers on patrol in the area of Dunlop and Eccles streets observed a vehicle travelling at an excessive rate of speed. They attempted to initiate a traffic stop at which time the vehicle continued to speed along Dunlop Street westbound. Seconds later the driver of the motor vehicle lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the front yard of a residence, hitting a tree and causing extensive damage to the vehicle, police report.
The 17-year-old male driver was uninjured. The fire department was called as the vehicle leaked all of its fluids onto the lawn, police report. As a precautionary measure, the pilot light for the residence’s water heater was disconnected to avoid any explosions from the gas fumes created by the vehicle.
The youth was charged with dangerous driving and later released to his parents after being provided a court date in August.