Drinker takes it out on ex’s car: police

A refusal to facilitate the continuation of her former boyfriend’s drinking session earned a Barrie woman damage to her new car, say Barrie police.
Early Saturday morning police took a call from the woman who had driven downtown to pick up her ex, who had been out drinking. He became irate, say police, when she refused to drive him to a friend’s home so that he could continue to imbibe.
The male began to punch the inside of the female’s brand new car, say police. He punched the dashboard, the roof, and broke the rearview mirror.
“The male then exited the vehicle with the victim’s cell phone in his hand; the male kicked the passenger window smashing the glass and smashed the cell phone on the ground before fleeing on foot.”
The female sustained minor injuries from the shattered glass. Police were were searching for the male. A warrant for his arrest will be obtained if he isn’t found.

• In other police news:

Street fighting man
A Barrie man, 21, was standing in the middle of Dunlop Street East early Saturday morning, verbally challenging passersby to fight, police say.
Officers found that the male was very intoxicated and could not care for himself. He was taken into custody for his own safety and held till he was sober.
The aspiring pugilist was charged with being Intoxicated in a Public Place contrary to the Liquor Licence Act.

• Surety revoked
• Impaired driving
Intoxicated in a public place

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