Dog bites man – details sought

The search is on for a bog after it bit a Barrie man who happened to be walking past it.
The man, 32, was walking in the area of the Shopper’s Drug Mart on Penetang Street. A female with two Irish Wolfhound-type dogs approached. As he stepped to the side one of the dogs turned and bit him on his leg, puncturing the skin.
The female owner of the dogs did not provide any identification or contact information. Police are requesting the owner or anyone who may know the owner to contact the police – the vaccination information of the dogs has to be verified for the treatment of the victim.
The female is described as white, about 5′ 2″, with long brown hair.

In other police news:

Rage on the road
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The ‘quarrel’ between two males in their early 20s near Cundles Road and Duckworth Street occurred while the man who ended up getting charged had his three-year-old child in the vehicle, an aggravating factor, police say.
A male, 21, was charged with Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle. At one point the suspect slammed his brakes on and the victim had to take evasive action to avoid a collision, police report.
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