Pet succumbs to dog attack

A dog attack involving a “bull mastiff type dog” on a smaller dog Sunday night resulted in the smaller animal succumbing to its injuries.
Barrie police report they responded to a call from a city address in regards to a dog attack which occurred while a woman, new to the city, was walking her small dog, around 10 Sunday night.
The woman, say police, encountered a male walking his dog, the aforementioned bull mastiff type dog, off-leash. After enquiring about the dog’s mannerisms, and hearing from the owner that the larger animal was typically a well-behaved friendly dog, the woman approached the unknown, unleashed dog with her dog that was leashed.
The larger dog, police report, grabbed the smaller animal, thrusting it back and forth in his mouth. Both owners struck the dog, trying to get it to release the smaller animal.
The woman eventually gouged the eyes of the dog, which led to the release of her pet, say police. She fled the scene with her dog and did not pick up any details about the owner of the larger dog.
The woman’s dog was rushed to the veterinarian, but its injuries were severe and it was euthanized.
Police remind owners that dogs are to be leashed at all times when out in the public.

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