Deal was too good to be true

Barrie police are reminding people looking for a deal that if it seems too good to be true, it likely is.
The latest fraud warning from the ‘fraud squad’ concerns a Barrie resident who got burned ‘buying’ a computer on an Internet-based sales site. The buyer thought he was purchasing a computer from an Alberta resident who expressed a desire to complete the transaction quickly, using the excuse that he was in the military and was due to be re-deployed overseas.
The seller requested that the buyer send payment via a wire transfer money service. Believing the price was to good to be true, the victim sent the wire transfer for the computer, but never received anything in return.
Of course, the alleged seller would not return any further emails to the victim, and in fact, the victim found the exact same item reposted to the same site.
The fraud squad is warning the public to be very cautious with Internet-based sales sites, and to not wire transfer money to individuals that you do not know.

Woman hoofs it with meat
A woman was charged with theft under $5,000 and assault after attempting to steal meat from a Bayfield Street grocery store.
Yesterday, Barrie police responded to a call after store employees observed a woman stealing meat. The store manager approached the woman outside of the store, at which time he was assaulted by the female, police report.
The woman then dropped the merchandise and ran onto the street, flagged down a vehicle and jumped in claiming she was being chased by an abusive boyfriend and needed a ride. Police arrived at the same time and the female was arrested.
The woman, 31, was charged with theft, assault and breach of probation. She was released with a future court date.

Time to sober up
A woman too drunk to tell police where she lived spent some time at the city jail, sobering up.
Thursday, around dinner time, a woman was observed wandering around the Maple and Ross streets area, wandering into traffic and bothering others. She was unable to provide officers with details on where she lived, or anyone who could care for her wellbeing.
The woman, 56, was arrested and charged with being intoxicated in a public place. She was held then eventually released when she was sober enough to care for herself.
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