Daughter records theft from elderly mother

A superintendent of a Barrie apartment building with mostly elderly tenants was taken into custody Saturday night.
The man, 48, looks after the 34-unit building. Police say that the daughter of one of the elderly residents became suspicious when she noticed that her mother was missing items from her unit. She installed a motion-censor video camera, and soon after recorded the superintendent, on two separate occasions, helping himself to the woman’s property.
Police viewed the recordings, and an arrest was made. A search warrant for the male’s residence was obtained, and numerous items of jewellery were recovered. Police will be attempting to identify the owners of the items. The investigation is continuing.

In other police news:

Mother calls police on ‘belligerent’ son
A Barrie man, 25, was arrested Saturday night after his mother, fearful for her safety, called police.
The male lives in the basement of his parents’ house. Police report the man was drinking, and became belligerent after his father requested that he lower the volume of music being played. The father, say police, asked his son to leave the residence. The male charged at his father causing them both to fall to the floor. He then attempted to strike his father with a wooden crutch.
The mother contacted police, who arrived and removed the male from the residence. He was charged criminally with assault with a weapon and held pending a bail hearing.
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