Collision drives boat into house

An accident involving a 17-year-old driver resulted in damages in excess of $100,000, Barrie police say.
On Monday police responded to a call about a collision on Raquel Street. The youthful driver, police say, was “was travelling at a high rate of speed … when she lost control of her vehicle,” which, police report, “left the roadway and struck a parked car in a driveway.”
The collision was of such an impact that the struck vehicle was pushed into a boat, which was subsequently pushed into the house and a neighbour’s vehicle, police report.
The driver was treated at RVH for “very minor injuries.” She has been charged with careless driving.

In other police news:

Arrangements made
Barrie police took in a woman, 31, who was in an “extremely intoxicated state,” and also made arrangements “for the safekeeping of her dog.”
The woman, according to police, had been drinking at a downtown bar, and was reportedly causing “causing problems within the establishment due to her intoxicated state.”
She left the bar, police say, with pooch in tow. Police caught up with the dog, wandering by itself, and then the woman who wasn’t far away. Deciding the woman was unable to care for herself, police brought her to the station.
Arrangements were also made for the dog.

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